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True North Group Inc. offers an innovative blend of IT services to our business clients. We are Canada’s “one-stop shop” for trusted cloud, IT consulting, security, management and support services.

Through our professional customer-centric approach, coupled with exceptional levels of service and support, True North clients have complete peace of mind, secure in the knowledge their data stays in Canada and will be available whenever and wherever they need it.

True North has partnered with reputable vendors including Microsoft, Gridstore, Fortinet and others to bring the best of their proven technologies to our customers. Our clients have the assurance their corporate data will be stored, replicated and protected in Canada at one of our two high-security datacentres in Calgary AB and Kamloops BC. If one of our datacentres goes offline for any reason, client data is still available via our second datacentre.

For more information, please contact:

David J Fulton – President & CEO True North Group Inc

PO Box 6174 Stn D Calgary AB T2P 2C8 t 403.910.2388